Flickr Off!

Mom says Flickr loads pictures one at a time, rather than dozens at a time like Yahoo Pictures, so Flickr is outta here. So, if you want to see the latest pictures of me, then you'll have to follow the "Josh Pics" link to the right of your screen. Or is that left? No, right. I'm pretty sure its right. Wait, let me do the finger and thumb thing. Yes, right. So much to remember. To my left is a preview.... No hesitation there. Pretty impressive, huh?


step said...

booooo... hopefully flickr'll be fast enough for you someday.

joshblog said...

I know - its not like Mom doesn't have free time on her hands. Geez! But then again, I found out this weekend that Grammie orders pics off the Yahoo site, so majority rules...at least that's what they tell me.

step said...

democracy, shmemocracy.

: )

i guess i'll live. or move to canada.