3 minute update

1. Really, really, really bad reflux in February. I pretty much screamed my head off during the first half of the Super Bowl over at the Gowin's house. (By the way, if you haven't turned your dining room into a home theater with a HDTV projector, I highly recommend that you do so. Who needs a dining room anyway? Sorry Sara.) But the good news is that Dad didn't really miss anything while he was taking care of me, since the game was as stinky as a Josh diaper in the morning. And once I settled down (thanks to the Gowin's vacuum cleaner), Mom showed up and helped me go to sleep, and the onesie's mojo was allowed to work unimpeded. Note to Uncle Jeff -- I will be size 12 to 18 months during next year's football season. Get working on a replacement -- you da man.

Our friend Stacy went to the victory parade in Pittsburgh. Unless you are Super Bowl MVP, wearing a tacky, yellow, foam cowboy hat will result in you being immediately ostracized from society. Luckily, Mr. Ward is a Super Bowl MVP.

2. So I was generally pretty unhappy most of the second half of February and the first part of March. I started waking up every few hours at night again. I cried alot. I did eat solid food pretty well, and haven't been allergic to anything yet. I've had rice, green beans, peas (I'm still working on the Exorcist head spin thing), bananas, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, avacado, pears, plums, and raspberries. I'd have to say that pears and avacado are my favorites at this point.

Anyway, so mom took me back to the doctor, and we found out I hadn't really gained any weight for a month. So Mom, Dad, and I went to get me an upper GI test. Now, my test, I mean being strapped to a board (Dad was lucky enough to get to do that part), barium squirted down my throat (Mom got to hold my hands away from my face), and then x-rayed. Oh, I forgot to mention that the board rotated so they could take different angles -- yep, little piggy on a spit - that's me. And the results were ....... nothing abnormal. Which I guess was good, but I loved pooping snow white barium for three days. Nothing like mixing it up.

3. So while we were waiting a couple of weeks to see a GI doctor, I decided to pretty much stop eating altogether, which caused Mom to get a plugged duct and a breast infection. Which is just as painful as it sounds.

4. We saw the GI doctor, and she gave me some new medicine -- which seems to have helped, except for the fact that it tastes horrible. We'll have to try and take a picture of the grimace I make when I take it. Yech.
5. Grandma Malone visted. We had a good time. We played, she helped mom out. It was nice. I was a mess, but it was still fun.

6. The GI doctor ordered up an ultrasound to make sure I don't have something in addition to the reflux, like kidney stones. Good news. I'm not pregnant.

7. Shadow and I played. She still pretty much ignores me, but gives me a good licking every once and a while. Pet hand, chew Shadow.... no wait, pet Shadow, chew hand. Yeah. That works better.

8. Grammie and Grandpap Lloyd visited. So did Uncle Jeff. So did Aunt Belinda. So did cousin Tommy. Whew! That was a lot. If you like climbing, and don't have an Uncle Jeff, I highly recommend that you get one. Three out of four grandkids and grandpets agree.

9. Dad and I watched the LSU-Texas basketball game. Since Dad was torn because he went to both schools, I agreed to represent Texas. Apparently the Texas onesie does not have the same mojo as the Steelers onesie. Geaux Tigers!!

10. Today I went in the school nursery today for the first time. It was a success, since I didn't melt down and made it through the whole service. I actually kinda wanted to stay and keep playing, but it was nap time, so Mom put me in the sling and I napped during Sunday School. I was especially brave, since Dad put me in my LSU jersey and plopped me down in a room full of UT fans. Hello Daniel, would you mind stepping through this door -- what's that? The growling sound? -- Oh that's nothing, don't worry about it.
So thats what's been going on. I'm eating alot better these days -- tons of solid food, and a little bit of breastfeeding here and there. Oh. I'm also moving into my own room and learning how to go to sleep on my own. It's tough , because I'm used to having Mom and Dad help me and be in the same room with me. But I'll get the hang of it.


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good to see that one lion shoe survived all your slobber... : )

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