my first guest blogger

dear josh,

it's been a pleasure visiting you this weekend. i especially enjoyed all the playtime and, thankfully only wet, diaper changes. you were the perfect host, though i would have appreciated it if you had shared your prunes with me. sometimes even a girl needs a little bowel motivation, too.

your mom is making me feel guilty as i sit here blogging while she changes your dirty butt, but i'm not letting that stop me. when you're older i'll teach you how to ignore her, too.

the accomodations were lovely, even with the changing table in my guest room. luckily the odors stayed inside the garbage can. the view from my room was breathtaking, especially on the rainy and foggy days, and the complimentary moisturizer (the constant drool) really did take years off my skin.

it was nice meeting your older sister, shadow - otherwise known as the dog. she's a little smellier than you, but not all the time. i think in a couple of years i'll have to introduce you to my friend, beano. i think i'll send your mom some in the mail, but it'll be anonymous, so don't rat me out.

i'm sure sorry your dad was sick over the weekend, but glad i could help out whilst he was quarantined to the loft. he's new to your mom and my friendship, and our way of lovingly knocking each other down each chance we get. hopefully i'll have more time and a travel budget (?) to break him of the cringing. he needn't worry about us. we lasted fifteen years so far, i think we'll make it.

it's time for us to begin your nightly routine - because, yes, the world (or at least this house) does revolve around you. and that's ok, because you're the cutest thing on all fours, and now the cutest thing on flickr.

i love you, kid, and your mom, dad, and shadow, too.

(more lotion. does it ever stop with her?)

aunt step

ps - your mom wanted a picture of us together, but since they all turned out crazy (my fault - definitely not yours, you're quite photogenic), she'll have to settle for this. we'll make it a little less em-bare-ass-ing for you. oh my, i crack myself up. crack - get it???

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