The evidence demands a verdict.....

5 reasons why Mom and Tsh must be twins....
  1. They both have adorable babies (and humble)
  2. They both can't stand it when the aforementioned babies are nuts and whiny and crazy all day, and then are God's perfect happy little angel when Dad gets home.
  3. They both are entirely different people when they find 1 hour to do a craft, or other accomplishment during the day (or 15 minutes to take a shower -- or 5 minutes to brush their teeth).
  4. They both like Project Runway and are just a little bit ashamed of that.
  5. They both have such amazing faith, hope, and trust in God that fills some of us around them with awe.


Tsh said...

We do indeed have the cutest children on the planet, and I have no hesitation in saying such.

And I'm personally going for either Daniel or Chloe. You?

joshblog said...

We canceled cable so I haven't seen this season. :( If you watch the marathon at the end of the season, let me know.
Mel a.k.a Mom