G-Daddy is in the House

My grandpa Malone, a.k.a. G-Daddy, came for a visit last night. Today he took Mom and I to the Austin Zoo. Its was our first of many trips to come. The zoo is actually a rescue and rehabilitation center for animals. For example, one of the lions there is from a drug bust in Plano. I didn't know lions were dealing, man.

We saw lions, tigers, and bears - oh my. Really, just one bear. Lots of birds, a peacock, turtles, and monkeys. There were some pigs, goats, and a llama. The llama drooled more than I do. An Austrailan family was also visiting the zoo. I smiled at them and they cheered. They must have never seen a blue eyed Austinite outside of a cage before. Speaking of eyes, see where I get'em?! It was a lot of fun, but next time, we need to bring my Jeep stroller, the terrain was a little rugged...but heck, I wasn't walking anyway.

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sarah said...

how fun... we love the zoo! what an exciting outing for little Josh. It really is a unique place. Last time we visited it was sweltering hot in June, landry slept most of the way through, mom & dad were melting in the heat, and Bella had a marvelous time!