Esa es una puerta amarilla

Let's see. Now that our house is gradually turning green, and we have this nice new deck that is almost done, how will my friends (lady-friends, that is) be able to find my house? Especially those who haven't been here in a long time (rhymes with Brickpea).

I could point them to the fancy new numbers that Dad put on the house.

But then again, right now, you can't really see them at night. Dad says that he'll fix that at some point, but I know that's a pet peeve for some people - that they can't see the house number easily at night (cough... Ella's dad... cough, cough). And I'm not sure all the ladies know their digits well enough to be able to rely on that.

What else... what else.... Maybe I can get the door painted a color that everyone would immediately recognize and associate the house with me! But what color? Hmmm.... let me think.... wait, it's coming to me.... here we go. .....

And not just any yellow - eye scorching oh my gosh is that a yellow door yellow.

Dad thinks his retinas will recover from the painting sometime in 2013


Cheng family said...

I love it!
Cody and his daddy selected the green paint for his new bed. They brought home 5 or 6 samples of what they considered and asked me to guess which one they chose. I'll just say that it was the last sample I chose that they actually selected...

steph said...

wow. j-man, you have your 'rents wrapped around your little bitty toddler finger.

i love it!

(and spanish? why weren't we hablando en abril???)

toblerone said...

WOW! Love the door, and love the numbers! We've really been missing people lately. Can't wait to see you.

Especially Brickpea. Tell Slosh she says hi.