Casa Verde's Deck - Day 4

We're four days in now. Tim has been working alone the past two days so progress is somewhat slower - not that we are in a hurry. You can see some more boards out there. The board at the 45 degree angle is where the deck boards will meet. The boards will go out from the back door and turn at that midsection so that they remain parallel to the house.

The picture doesn't show the nine concrete deck blocks that Tim buried in the yard. Each super heavy block took about an hour to set in the ground - dig hole, put in block, check level, take out block, move dirt around, put in block, check level, repeat until level, pound the dirt back in tight around it. Nine blocks, nine hours, nine more reasons why Mom is glad Dad isn't building the deck!

Tim will press on tomorrow. I'm fairly certain he is a super hero.

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Cheng family said...

this deck will definitely need a deck-warming party when it is done.