Just Like Uncle Jeff

On Monday, Mom and I went to the park to play and feed the ducks. The ducks were unusually hungry and mobbed us. The playground was equally exciting: I went down the slide by myself and went on the swing by myself! I know what you are asking yourself - did I use a stunt double? No, really, it was all me! Was I under the influence of some mind altering substance? I don't think so, but it was pretty hot outside. My brain could have very well been melting and mixing up my neurons' messages.

There was a boy 3 months my junior, his mom called him Jude, who went down one of the slides backwards. I was inspired and thought I'd give it a try.

At least I tried. Lots of successful people start by failing. Henry Ford's first two car companies failed. Maybe that isn't the best example. Michael Jordon was kicked off of his high school basketball team. I doubt it was for his lack of skills though. Anyway, you get my point. In the words of Dan Quayle, ‘You always pass failure on the way to success.' Oh, never mind, let's move on.

I remembered what Super Why said when Princess Presto couldn't do her princess twirl: keep trying. I moved over to a different slide and thought about Uncle Jeff sliding down the slide on this very playground. I wanted to go down the slide just like Uncle Jeff. Check it out!

Watch out world! The Josher is letting loose!


Rocky and Sunee Conly said...

I'm intrigued by the kid, Jude, that y'all met up with at the park. My neighbor's son's name is Jude, and she goes to a park near you sometimes. He's also 3 months younger than Josh and is quite adventurous on the slide. Hmm, coincidence? I'll have to ask her.

Congrats Josh on the big accomplishments!

J-Man said...

Is Jude's mom pregnant?

Rocky and Sunee Conly said...

very. and i just asked her about it today and she said she was there and remembers y'all. how funny. it's a small world.

sk said...

very cute! way to try it out Josh! Gotta start somewhere?! Nate and I laughed and laughed at the cuteness of you hanging on the slide backwards working on that upper body strength. Loved your audible responses to mom's encouraging words!

steph said...

i love and miss you, j-man.

- dahmi