Where's the Fire -- 'Cause I Can Put It Out!!

So tonight, Dad got home from work in time to help give me my bath. Mom already had me in the tub when he walked into my bathroom, and I stood up to say hi to him. Did I mention I'm standing a lot now? Yeah. I like to stand. However, it is apparently not wise to stand in the bathtub, because you can slip, which I did. Mom hugged me and made me feel better. Man, who knew that a room so tiny can be so dangerous? First the toilet "incident", and now this. I don't know how Mom and Dad have managed to live as long as they have without serious bodily injury from that place.

On that latter point, after I was done getting clean, Dad got me out and put me in my crib to air dry a little. I then proceeded to -- you guessed it -- stand up. Fascinating thing -- not sure if you other dudes have figured this out-- without a diaper on, you can stand there, and....uhh.. let the river run through it, if you know what I mean.

Dad and I kinda both just stood there in fascination. Well, actually, Dad's range of emotions extended a little beyond fascination. When he told Mom, she asked "Why did you do that?". Well, you see I was testing the hydrodynamic properties of nitrogenous waste products as they are vertically expelled via gravity feed.... I don't freaking know why I did it!! Hello!!! Remember?? Baby. Me. Hi.

Dad says this may be one of the greatest advantages to being a guy. Quicker. Less sitting on public toilets. Fewer lines at sporting events and outdoor concerts. Basically, he said, the world is really your toilet -- or at least can be in a pinch.

Fun urinal links:

1. The Peter Potty Toddler Urinal. It's flushable, but no plumbing required. Not quite sure how that works out any differently than just peeing on the floor, but ok.
2. The Urinal Game. Test your knowledge of men's room etiquette.
3. Urinals of the International Space Station. To boldly go where no man has gone before.
4. The World's First Interactive Urinal Communicator. Um.. I don't really think you want your toilet talking back to you. Sing-yes. Talk-no.
5. The Video Game Urinal. A joke about the PS2 seems appropriate here, but this is a family blog.

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cheryl said...

Ah the joys of having a boy.