Um...Tate... It's not what you think.

So last week we went to go see my friend Suzy, and since we live a long way away, Mom and Dad decided just to give me a bath there... 'cause I stank apparently. Maybe it has something to do with us living a mile away from the sun --- or at least that's what it feels like. Man, the only thing worse that sitting in a hot car seat would be being pregnant in heat like this!! Why is Mom glaring at me like that?

It turns out that Suzy needed a bath too. So it only made sense for us to take one together. Look, we're under severe drought conditions here... it's just good stewardship of the wonderful world that God gave us to use its resources wisely. What? Well just because I sound defensive doesn't mean I have anything to be defensive about. It was totally innocent. OK, well Suzy did have a rubber ducky to play with. I do love my rubber duckies.

So Tate, you have nothing to worry about. Well, Mom did say that Suzy's mom started talking about her needing a prom date, and Dad keeps saying "Dowry. How big will the dowry be? That's all I want to know." I'm not sure what that means, but I wouldn't read too much into that.

P.S. You probably shouldn't tell your Dad about this. He gives me the stink eye as it is, and I understand that I will in fact need my knees unbroken to walk.


Tsh said...

My daddy gives you the stink eye?!? Sorry about that; I'll get on to him about that. And that's okay about your bath time. If you forgive me for doing something far worse... I took a bath with a boy a few weeks ago. But not just any boy - my cousin. Older cousin. That breaks all sorts of relationship rules, I'm sure. Mom said it won't scar me, and that somehow I'll forget it by the time it matters, but so far, I've stayed far away from that cousin of mine. So embarassing.


step said...

HAPPY (slightly early) BIRTHDAY JOSHUA!!!!!!!!!!

your mom will tell you i'm always late with presents. i thought perhaps i'd get my stuff together and get your gift to you on time for this milestone, but, well, it's just how i roll. i still love you though, very very much. i'm so glad you were born, and can't wait to see you grow up. : )

aunt step