I Want My Two Dollars!!!

So tonight at dinner, Mom fed me most of the time, but Dad took over once I started fussing and acting like I didn't want to eat anymore. I had a little bit of avocado left, but kept turning my head away. Dad (I think jokingly) said, "Come on, Josh. If you eat one more bite, I'll give you a dollar.".

Mouth open. Avocado eaten. Boo-yah!

There's enough avocado left for one more bite, and I again turned my head, 'cause hey-- I gots my money. Then Dad says, "Come on. Double or nothing." Mom warned me that he was just trying to scam me out of my hard earned GW, but I'm too slick for that.

Mouth open. Avocado eaten. Double boo-yah!!

Then I ate a whole jar of apples, bananas, and kiwi-- just to rub it in.

So that $2.00, once invested in the proper financial instrument to return me an average return of 10% per year, is going to grow into a nice $12.01 by time I'm 18. If I can pull this off once a month, I'll have a cool $1,223.15. If Dad gets suckered into once a day, Josh will be rolling in just under $37,000.

That's a lotta avocado baby!

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step said...

that's the best worst movie ever. good thing your mom's food doesn't crawl off the table...