Code Red in Joshnonia

So Dad helped launch the state of Texas' new Electricity Alert System this week to tell people how to save money by conserving energy and what the status of the electricity grid is. For example, this week was a Yellow Alert due to the hot weather and record electricity demand.

But you shouldn't worry, because our power has been out routinely enough this week to save the grid. That's right, in addition to Monday's saga, the power went out yesterday on Dad's birthday due to a transformer catching fire. Not sure if was Megatron or Optimus Prime, but the end result was no power in all of our area for a couple of hours. We were actually at the grocery store when it happened, and let me tell you sister--- Josh don't like being in the dark suddenly. But some nice people came over and patted my back until Mom picked me up and made it all better. Plus, we got to cut in line because everyone was so sorry for the woman with the freaked out baby. See --- having Josh around pays dividends!

I pretty sure if I'm ever in water and then it becomes dark suddently, I'll implode.

Anyway, I suggested to Dad that his new alert system needs to have a special status code for Joshnonia, since the statewide guide is not a good indicator of the service quality around these parts. Here's how this week would have looked. Glad I can help do my part. Other possible titles for this post:
  • And There's a Code Brown in my Diaper
  • Austin Powerless
  • Austin Lack of Energy
  • I Demand Advance Notice of These Unplanned Outages!
  • Transformers! More that Meets the Eye! --- If You Could See, But You Can't Because the Power is Out
Ahhhh -- electric utility humor. It doesn't get dorkier than that.

PS-- If you didn't, click on the Optimus Prime link. I can't wait for my 18th birthday now!!!! Tate, I hope you'll like being known as Mrs. Prime.

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Tsh said...

Hi Josh - Tate here. My mom said that when she and my dad got married, she found out that she could change her name to anything, and not just her last name. So when we get hitched, I can do more than just get rid of my weird last name. Do I look like a Sargeant Slaughter to you? Apparently my mom was surrounded by Transformers and GI Joes and the like because of her brother. She says thanks for getting that Transformers theme song stuck in her head. Or I could go with She-Ra.