You're how old?

Yesterday, a Walmart employee stopped me at the store and asked about Josh and Kip. She was a petite woman and also has two kids of similar age. At the end of our conversation she said, "Can I ask you a question?" Um, sure. She asked if anyone ever asks me if I am old enough to have two kids. Yes, yes, and yes! I told her about the window repairman who came by this week who asked me if I ran a home daycare and about being carded when I buy beer with both kids in tow. She seemed relieved that she isn't the only one with this "issue." I assured her that we'll be happy to look younger than we are when we have grandkids. It was an unexpected but enjoyable moment in the day.

Speaking of looking your age, this kid is looking older lately. It seemingly happened overnight. I'm not sure if I should ask him to mow the lawn or think of reasons why he can't borrow the car tonight. It is crazy!


Daryl & Diana said...

It's the hair cut, it makes him look older. Sigh, Kip just looks older, though.

cheryl said...

I've been feeling the same way. It's like the baby/toddler/preschooler just fades away overnight!
He's quite adoralbe though. ;o)

Cheng family said...

Ba-ba-ba-ba-bad. Bad to the bone.