Before & After

Josh has been growing his hair out because he likes it "long and crazy." CRAZY is more accurate! The bed head that we comb through each morning is crazy, too!

Last night Josh wanted his hair to be spiky for Bible study. It took a lot of product to get his long hair to stay up. I joked that he needed some Aqua Net.

Seizing the potential opportunity to have Josh willingly cut his hair, I helped him look online at boy hairstyles so that he could show me what he wanted his hair to look like. The verdict: spiky. I explained that spiky meant that it needed to be shorter so he needed to prioritize long v.s. spiky. Spiky won. Check out the new do.

He loves it - especially putting the hairspray in all by himself. This afternoon he's been running to the mirror to make sure his hair is still spiky. He'll randomly ask me, "Mom, is it still spiky?" Pretty funny.


cheryl said...

Very nice Josh! ;o) I like the spiky.

Anonymous said...

he looks so much different/ older with the new hairdo. Cute!

Tsh said...

Wow! For a cautious little guy, he's sure playing it fast and loose with his hair. Go Josh. I like it.

Cheng family said...

He does look older with the spikey do. Did you make his curfew later too?