Chef Josh

Josh is enrolled in a "Little Chefs" class at the Y. I'm pleasantly surprised that he not only enjoys the class, but actually participates. He is talking to the other kids, touching the ingredients, and feeding himself his creations. I would have called any one of the three a success. I never expected all three - and he voluntarily washing his hands, to boot! (Josh hates to be wet.) Those of you that know Josh well can appreciate how truly amazing all of this is.

The first week he made a cheese sandwich and used a cookie cutter to cut it into the shape of a kitty cat. He thought this was so cool and was impressed when I told him that G-daddy cut my sandwiches into shapes when I was a kid. He ate part of his sandwich. This week he made a tuna salad boat and decorated ice cream with chocolate. He brought the tuna salad boat home for dad, but ate carrot sticks, 2 slices of cheese, and the ice cream. We have 2 more weeks to go.

The class has (at least temporarily) broadened his willingness to feed himself, to use utensils, to get his hands wet, and to cook. It is very exciting to see. At home this week Josh expressed an interest in helping in the kitchen. Sweet! With a new baby coming soon, and hopefully my return to eating a normal diet, we need to stock the freezer. So, we made white chicken chili, brownies, an applesauce spice cake, gingerbread cookies (inspired by an episode of Super Why), and tortilla soup! I can't wait to eat all these goodies in a couple of months.

Josh also spent a good deal of time "washing" dishes in the kitchen sink. He often referenced his friend Suzy, who he "washed" dishes with last week. There was one tense moment when he noticed the dishes that he "washed" in the dishwasher the next day. "But they are clean. I cleaned them." It was one of those moments that required very quick thinking on my part to spare his feelings. I explained that he indeed did wash the dishes and did a great job at that, but that the dishwasher made them super clean. He was appeased. Ahhh!

There are a few other things that I'd like to make in preparation for my carb loading after Kip is born, so I really hope Chef Josh is in the house next week.


Wilcoxson said...

that is awesome. I am so glad that Josh is doing well in his class and who knows it might end up being his passion for life.

cheryl said...

Sweet! Maybe we need to try one of those...ANYTHING to help w/ the picky eating.

Cheng family said...

i'm encouraged just reading about a picky eater trying something new.

J-Man said...

Yesterday, they made quesadillas (and used the microwave) and salad with romaine, carrots, apples, and avocado. He ate the carrots, apples, and quesadilla - better than what he'd do at home. It is very exciting to see. I guess the key is to see if he can repeat it at home. I think I should make meals a little more fun - maybe putting different ingredients in different bowls for him to choose from because he seems to like snack and he makes things.