Baby's Sling

Recently Josh has been very interested in his baby doll - named "Baby." He's been bringing her to my doctor appointments and out to run errands. I guess he's getting ready for his little brother. It is always cute, and sometimes sad, at the same time, for me to hear him talk to Baby - "I know you want to stay home Baby, but we have to take Mom to the eye doctor." Hum...wonder how he really feels?

Josh and I were at Joann's earlier this week and they had their remnants 75% off. Josh picked up a remnant of yellow fabric and asked if he could bring it home. Um, 75% off 74 cents, sure. Later, I mentioned to Josh that we could make a blanket for Baby or maybe a sling. Josh is very familiar with the sling since he lived in one for nearly two years and I've been using our slings to carry around his bigger baby doll - "Baby Josh." I was surprised when Josh said he wanted to make a sling for Baby...and continued to ask 3 days in a row. I mean, a sling touches him. Maybe he is outgrowing some of his personal space issues. Anyway, this morning, I spent the 10 seconds on the sewing machine to sew one seam and make a sling for Baby. Josh loves it! He hasn't taken it off yet. He told me that the sling "makes it easier for me to hang out with you and I have two hands to play." Wow. Wonder where he's heard that sling sales pitch before!

We're really having lots of fun around here lately!

As a side note, it is unfortunate that Josh's posed smile is far less excited than his true smile. Hopefully I'll get a real smile soon.


Rocky and Sunee said...

Adelaide would love one of those. She loves her baby.That's a cute idea.

On the smile thing, at least Josh looks at the camera and smiles. I can't get Adelaide to do either. If you ever see a picture of her on the blog doing both there were probably 45 pictures taken before that one.

J-Man said...

We can make one when you come over next week!