Guest Poster: Mom

I am delighted to be a guest on Josh's blog today. I thought about writing about our trip to visit Josh's great grandma in Kansas City or our family vacation in Port Aransas, but those are so last month. Then I considered writing about the birth of our new nephew Jeffrey James or the visits from Aunt Liz, G-daddy, and G-mommy, but most of you have already heard about these events and I can't post the hundreds of pictures taken to document them....though a picture of Josh's new cousin isn't too much to ask.

So, I'm left with this earth shattering realization: Josh isn't even 2 yet. I know, he will be soon, but I often forget how young our little guy is.

Case in point, last Friday I asked Josh what he wanted to lunch. I went through the usual list and got negative replies. I decided to branch out and suggested we have hamburgers. He agreed. We took the coupon for a free burger that G-mommy gave us and went to Whataburger. We ordered, filled our drinks, carried them to our booth, sat down facing one another, and chatted. When our food came, we unwrapped our burgers, put some fries on the wrapper, and ate while we talked.

It wasn't till the end of the meal that it hit me - he's a toddler. Why is he sitting calmly, carefully putting one fry in his mouth at a time, smiling at other lunch goers? We shouldn't be able to do this, right? Well, lest I get too comfortable, I found Josh eating Play Doh this morning. (It was breakfast time, so I can't totally fault him.) It was nice to be reminded how small he really is - despite his "going on 30" moments. I love my Joshua.

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