Liquid Courage

I don't know if it was the blazing heat, or the water falling on my head when Dad made me go back over to the water playscape at the park, but I just knew I couldn't go on any longer without letting her know how I felt.

You see, life is too short. You never know what might happen that will cause it all just to end. Traffic accident. Illness. WATER FALLING ON MY HEAD WHICH DAD KNOWS I HATE SO I DON'T KNOW WHY HE WOULD TAKE ME BACK OVER THE THE WATER FOUNTAINS THAT EXIST SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAKING WATER FALL ON YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!

So I decided I couldn't wait. In a move that will forever be legendary in the 16-20 month Sunday School class, I picked a flower and offered it to her.

I waited in breathless anticipation. It was only a few seconds as she looked at it, but man, did it seem like a lifetime. Would she take it? Would she turn away and laugh? Would she grab it by the petals and crush it, along with my heart, hopes, and dreams? Would she have really any idea what the heck was going on? Dad was there and just kept whispering "But what about Chickpea?"

And she took it. Oh, my heart lept like Shadow when Dad runs the remote controlled car into her legs. The world was as shiny as a used but still very reliable and nice Lexus. Her name I wanted to scream from the top of the rooftops, but then I realized that that sounds dangerous climbing all the way up there, and gee, I am a little risk averse, so instead I said softly "Lala. Lala."

Is it love? Who knows? Is it like, like? Probably not. Is it heatstroke? Possibly.

That sound you hear is Mom sobbing softly in the other room.


toblerone said...

Chickpea. Is. Crushed. She leaves the country and look what happens...

joshblog said...

He's just practicing his mad skills with the ladies so that he'll be irresistable the next time he sees her.

steph said...

josher? more like playa!