Hello 2010

We're alive.

2009 was a doozy! Since we last posted, we had an awesome Halloween in CA, Kip learned to walk, we discovered more foods that Kip CAN eat and others that he should definitely avoid, Josh learned to ride a bike, we've been bowling, played mini-golf, and enjoyed ice skating, Brian got a new job title, we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with family, and we moved to a wonderful home with the friendliest of neighbors. Basically, we've laughed, we've cried, and we're still sleep deprived.

So, welcome 2010.

Today the boys got haircuts. It was a day of firsts - Josh's first "big boy" haircut with clippers and Kip's first haircut ever. Here are the before and after shots.



With a little luck, we'll post again before Spring. Take care!


cheryl said...

SO glad to hear you're still alive! ;o)
Handsome boys. We need to catch up soon.

The Wilcoxson's said...

great post. We are glad that you are alive. I even saw you to make sure that you were alive. The boys are looking so grown up.

stephanie said...

yay for firsts! super cute, those brothers. : )