Here's a picture of the boys from this morning. We moved Kip out of his infant car seat (sigh) yesterday and now the boys have matching car seats that fit together side by side. They love it. They can hold hands and play with each other while we are in the car. Here's praying they remain so loving with each other.

At bedtime, Josh will give me kisses and instructions for each kiss. I'm not sure where he got this idea, but some kisses have to be kept all night, others need to be lost, others need to be kept forever, etc. Tonight on the way to bed Josh kissed by hand and said:

"You keep that kiss until we are with Jesus. That is a long time!"

Oh, my sweet sweet boy.

The lil' boys and I are off to OKC this week. We're excited to visit with G-daddy, G-mommy, Aunt Liz, Memaw and Shadow. The boys will be spoiled with attention and I have high hopes of being spoiled with a little extra sleep.


The Wilcoxson's said...

they are growing up so fast. It was just yesterday that Kip was born. Have fun and make sure that you are spoiled.

Marti said...

What sweetness, indeed. Hope you enjoy a good spoilin'. :) Shadow? You taking her with you? Did she move residences? How far behind am I? Love you! Let's try and catch up when I get back from Indy Aug 14. Love you!

J-Man said...

Shadow is "on vacation" in Oklahoma. She went up there in May, I think. Josh suggests that she come back in the fall on a Tuesday. We'll see. From what we hear, she's very happy up there and buddies with my grandma and parents' dog.

I'm putting your return on my calendar, Marti.

cheryl said...

so precious. sweet memories to treasure up. ;o)