A couple Kip snippets

On Monday night we discovered that one of the contestants on the new season of the Bachelorette is named Kiptyn (a.k.a Kip). Will Kiptyn is a total goon on the show? Will he be a good "Kip" representative? According to a comment posted online, he "is the most handsome and nicest person ever!" It reminded me of my friends who work with kids and how they have associations with certain names. Anyway, my favorite toungue in cheek quote about him is: "...because we all know "Kip" would be a better name if it ended with three random consonants" Rock on. I'm so glad we stopped at K-I-P.

Our Kip continues to show his personality. As I've mentioned before, Kip is a talkative baby. He coos, purrs, and "talks" throughout the day. It is quite pleasant and fun to have him interacting so much. However, recently, he discovered his volume control. Here's a clip of Kip from yesterday when he turned 5 months old. (Seriously, 5 months? How?) I'm predicting some fun times ahead!


The Wilcoxson's said...

It is great when they find their voice. We wait all that time for them to make noise and then we spend the rest of the time teaching them to be quiet and use a "soft, inside" voice.

cheryl said...

And seriously??? 5 months!

Sunee said...

wow. nice.

Cheng family said...

Congratulations on the new cat. Wait, Kip is sitting on a cat, right? :)