Thanks G-Mommy!

My mom - a.k.a. G-Mommy - returned home yesterday after staying with us for nine days. She was a big help and a lot of fun.

Thank you, G-Mommy, for getting up with Josh every morning, bringing me roses, driving here and back home, discovering that Kip LOVES roses' fragrance, cleaning the baseboards and everything above them, washing nearly every dish during your entire visit, giving me a break to get my haircut, reminding Josh not to eat his toothpaste, helping get the boys out of the house while the new roof was put on, trying new foods, sitting in the car with the boys while I ran quick errands, your countless HEB runs, reinforcing our rules with Josh, cutting vegetables (including onions) for me to freeze, taking pictures of the boys, cutting-cooking-freezing 10 lbs. of chicken with me the night before we discovered Kip's doesn't tolerate me eating chicken often, entertaining the boys for hours, telling Transformer stories on demand, introducing Kip to the outside swing, and a long list of other things. We are thankful for you!

B, M, J, & K


Cheng family said...

This is a really, really sweet post. It sounds like you guys were really blessed the past 9 days!

Sunee said...

does she like other families/ kids just as much? we'd love to have her visit :)