Josh is a sweet boy

When we were pregnant earlier this year, Josh took to having a sibling like white on rice. Although at first he said he'd prefer a sister, he quickly changed his mind and consistently said he preferred "a brother named Wyatt." He's a man of details.

Helping him process his emotions when we miscarried was one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever done. I was so humbled, begging for God's wisdom. We had several conversations that ended in Josh crying and saying, "but I want him, I love him, I miss him." Fortunately, God is faithful to produce good. Josh continues to mention "baby Wyatt" frequently but last week his conversations changed to focusing on having a baby brother. Present tense, actively having a brother. Josh amazes me.

Here's our conversation from yesterday. We were talking about going over to a friend's house to play and he asked if our friend was a brother or a sister.

M: She is a sister.

J: Josh has a brother.

M: Really?

J: Baby Wyatt is Josh's brother.

M: Where is he?

J: Back there. (Pointing away)

M: Baby Wyatt is in heaven with God and all the angels, right?

J: Yes

M: One day we will see him.

J: Right now.

M: No, when we get old.

J: And you will hold baby Wyatt.

M: Yes, we will hold baby Wyatt. That makes me happy.

J: That makes Josh happy.

M: You will be happy when you hold baby Wyatt?

J: No. You hold him.

M: You can hold him, too.

J: No. You holding baby Wyatt makes Josh happy.


cheryl said...

Precious, Precious, Precious!

toblerone said...

Oh man, I would have busted out crying. What a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Toblerone. What a sweet conversation. Something as a mom you will never ever forget. I was wondering if you had told Josh about the baby b/c he told me last just week at church that his baby is not in mommy's tummy any more. Or something to that effect. We are praying for you guys.