Live from Corpus Christi

Reporting live from Corpus Christi! Aunt Liz, Mom, and I drove down to Corpus Christi yesterday for an overnighter. After arriving we drove around downtown and looked at the moon along the shore. This morning, we walked on the beach and saw a jellyfish. We also watched four kittens play while we ate our free continental breakfast. Yum. I reminded Mom that self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, but she said that didn't apply when danishes were involved. I'll have to follow-up with Dad on that. Aunt Liz introduced me to Fruit Loops. We made up a special dance that requires the mass consumption of sugary goodness in order to be properly executed. Good times!


toblerone said...

Wow, I'm impressed Josh will sit still enough to be in a sling still! What a good kiddo. Tate says hi.

step said...

josh, you need to try arizona. i think you'll like it. : )